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assassin's creed brotherhood highlight

I'm kinda surprised I've managed to have very few gamers on my livejournal friends list, so I dunno how many of you will care about this, but I feel like posting it anyways

I'm playing as the guy with the hammer who also takes first place in the match :p


lol owned. Very nice.
hi... I didn't know you still even read my journal :p

No, for real I just read LJ :P

Just cause I don't update much doesn't mean I don't read!

Besides, YOU DESERTED ME orsomething.
psh, whatevs, I'm always here...

how are you enjoying your newly destroyed Azeroth?
It's freaking fantastic.

For real, I love it...there's actually things to do again! Plus I found my new hobby - going on Moon Guard which is the most ERPing server ever and lolling at people.
there's something very ironic about making fun of people because they're plaing the same game you do :p
No, I don't make fun that they're playing WoW, I make fun that they have bios about being futas and fucking horses.

HUGE difference :P
Very nice.
damn skippy :p