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so Mick, Mike, Clayton and I are all doing the band thing again, this time we're pretty much saying we don't need a bassist as we're tuning down way lower, so much so that I really want to get this guitar
or possibly this one

but yeah, thought I'd make a short update about that for anyone who still reads this that doesn't already know...

as soon as we have stuff recorded and uploaded somewhere I'll mention it here.


Long time so see. Bout time! lol
You sir, should update more. =P
I should... but we'll see :p
Congrats on getting your band back. Hope all goes well for you.
Bands are fuuuun stuff. I was in a band in highschool and we mostly just did small gigs for the fun of it. Good luck! :D Can't wait to hear the mp3s. Just make sure you post it on Twitter cause I don't update LJ as much as I should be.
I plan on spamming all over the place as soon as we get something where people can hear it