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had a pretty fun day today, Mick called around 3:30 or so offering food and gas money to take them to the bank. we didn't get there in time, but we went to Aldi and got cash back on a debit card and went to MovieStop and Buffalo Wild Wings, which I can still taste when I burp...

When we got back to Mick's house we watched this bizarre ass 70s japanese horror movie called Hausu (House). A girl gets eaten by a piano. And it takes a while for it to happen. Just let that sink in for a bit... also the editing in the movie is bonkers before they even get to the hunted house.

and then we decided we need to go see the Thor movie sometime soon, and I showed Mick the new episode of Game of Thrones

you know... when I type it all out like this it's pretty boring... you've probably stopped reading this by now.


Sounds more eventful then my day. Glad you had fun :)
but... you have a horse! that's not boring!
since maybe 6th??? come on buddy! update more. You have a lot to say. I don't know why it seems like you enjoy to talk about your day, instead of your thoughts.
<3 but I tell you all of my thoughts anyway
Hausu was fucking insane I don't even know if i have the mental energy to watch that flick again well it's beats inferno that one bored me into insanity.